How much wood can a wood cutter cut?

I am currently working on a new large scale woodcut. I spent the day today cutting the second of three plates (second in the print order, that is). I wish I could say it was peaceful. Some of these large plates are cut in cabinet grade hardwood plywood. I cut these with a variety of gouges and skew chisels. Today, [...]

What’s in a Name?

Sometimes, coming up with a good title for a new print can be a challenge. While not every artist does it, I always make it a point to title my work. At one point I struggled to come up with titles. People who looked at my work would see machines, or buildings, or factories, or any number of other things. [...]

Wiping Intaglio

I have recently begun to hand wipe my intaglio plates.For those not familiar with the intaglio processes, in an intaglio print, the image areas are recessed below the surface of the plate. This can be done with acid (or electricity, more on that another time) for an etching or aquatint, by scratching mechanically (drypoint), or by carving yielding an engraving [...]

Original Prints, Limited Editions and Giclées

Prints, Original Prints, Limited Editions and Giclées. There is a turbulent flow of terminology at work here, and it sometimes is not used very precisely, accurately (or even ethically). Yet it is important to understand the lay of the land before you go to purchase a print or you might not be able to ask the right questions.I am going [...]

Decisions, Decisions

When you get right down to it, being an artist is about seeing and about deciding. A work of art becomes interesting when it helps us see something about the world in a new way. Thus an artist must be a keen observer. They must be able to see shapes, values, colors, movement and textures. Sometimes this is in the [...]


I spent most of the day today printing an edition of the engraving I did earlier in the week. Editioning is an essential part of the art of printmaking. The idea is to make each print as nearly identical as possible. The edition begins with the bon à tirer (from French for 'good to pull'). This is a proof that [...]

The Artist’s Life

Ahh, the Artist's life... I spent almost all day today reconditioning a leather roller that has been stored for far too long. A little over a year ago, I purchased a litho press (for printing lithographs) from another artist here in the area. It came with this roller. As I am getting ready to initiate a new litho, I needed [...]

In the zone

I spent most of the day in the studio today working on a new engraving. It is just a little thing (4.25 high x 2.625 wide) but on the whole a satisfying experience. Maybe I just like pain, but I enjoy engraving. For those of you who are not printmakers, engraving is done with a tool called a burin. It has a [...]

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