A Grand Vision in Detroit

This last spring I had an opportunity to visit the Detroit Institute of the Arts Museum.  While there, I encountered 'in the flesh' as it were, the Rivera Court, which is home to Diego Rivera's Detroit Industry fresco cycle.  It consists of 27 panels, painted over an 11 month period between April of 1932 and March of 1933.  The subject of [...]

Eyes Wide Open

I am often asked how I get my inspiration. The answer is actually pretty simple. I always have my eyes open. I have talked before about art for me being about seeing and deciding. Another way of saying this is that my art begins with acute observation. This occurs on two levels. It starts on the macro scale, and for [...]

Looking in the mirror

I received (as usual) a number of art books as gifts from my family over the holiday.  They included exhibition catalogs, writings on the process of art, surveys of contemporary work and interviews with artists about their space and process. I have also had the chance to watch (or watch again) several episodes of the PBS series Art21, which looks [...]

Some great reading

I have been rereading two of my favorite novels over the last couple of days. I love these books for their look at art, being true to your art and the struggles of a religious person to make art that is meaningful beyond their religious community. They are: My Name is Asher Lev The Gift of Asher Lev The author [...]

My bookshelf, part 1

Like almost any artist, I have quite a collection of art books. Some of them are technical, focusing on techniques and materials. Some are inspirational. They are filled with photographs of work I find inspiring and / or challenging. The following books are ones I have in my studio that fall in to the latter category. Not a complete listing, [...]

Finding Inspiration

While every artist struggles once in a while to find inspiration, I currently have a sizable backlog of ideas. I reached this state of artistic nirvana as a result of a thought exercise that I did a little more than two years ago. I was producing work that people found engaging fairly consistently, but I found that people were reading [...]

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