What’s in a Name?

Sometimes, coming up with a good title for a new print can be a challenge. While not every artist does it, I always make it a point to title my work. At one point I struggled to come up with titles. People who looked at my work would see machines, or buildings, or factories, or any number of other things. [...]

Decisions, Decisions

When you get right down to it, being an artist is about seeing and about deciding. A work of art becomes interesting when it helps us see something about the world in a new way. Thus an artist must be a keen observer. They must be able to see shapes, values, colors, movement and textures. Sometimes this is in the [...]

The Artist’s Life

Ahh, the Artist's life... I spent almost all day today reconditioning a leather roller that has been stored for far too long. A little over a year ago, I purchased a litho press (for printing lithographs) from another artist here in the area. It came with this roller. As I am getting ready to initiate a new litho, I needed [...]

In the zone

I spent most of the day in the studio today working on a new engraving. It is just a little thing (4.25 high x 2.625 wide) but on the whole a satisfying experience. Maybe I just like pain, but I enjoy engraving. For those of you who are not printmakers, engraving is done with a tool called a burin. It has a [...]

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