Dean Russell Thompson is a full time artist and printmaker working in Loveland Colorado. “I love the process of printmaking. It is a cerebral activity allowing plenty of time experiment and to contemplate the desired result. At the same time, the marks can be very expressive and spontaneous, in their own indirect way. Working in multiple processes as I do, I have a nearly infinite range of combinations and characteristics that can be brought to bear on an image. At the same time, in order to harness that flexibility, you have to be meticulous with your processes. It must appeal to the geek in me.”

His work focuses on the unseen landscape of infrastructure that supports our modern society. “These are the structures and machines that our daily lives possible. We pass by them every day but most of us never really see them.”

Dean turned to art relatively recently after a long career as an engineer. “I have always used both sides of my brain: the creative and the analytical. That probably shows in both my imagery and my choice of media”.

Dean is also the principal of Copper Plate Press, an original print editions studio in Loveland, CO.

He has been awarded 5 United States Patents.