Staring you in the face

I had one of those little 'well of course' moments today. I have been working on an intaglio plate with some very deeply etched areas. I decided that I would add some acrylic gel / carborundum grit to these in place of an aquatint to provide some texture as well as tone. I proofed the plate this morning and noticed [...]


I have been trying to concentrate on improving my productivity in the studio of late. Part of the problem is that there are so many other things that demand my attention. Work on the studio itself, business related issues, submissions, Jack the studio dog... It is hard not to succumb to the 'tyranny of the urgent'. Jack the studio dog [...]

It is all in the details

I spent the morning printing the second color on a lithograph. As I was working, I was struck by how much you have to be paying attention to the subtle details to get things to print consistently and well.The first thing that I noticed was that I was rolling too fast. Color ink is always all over the place in [...]

Starting something new

I was back in the studio today after a short break for travel to the San Francisco Bay area (where, by the way, I visited the Crown Point Press gallery). Just before I left I completed a couple of editions, so today was the start of something new.In many ways, days like today are very energizing. I spent some time [...]


Of all of the aspects of printmaking, keeping adequate records has to be one of the most trying. Yet, it is also one of the most important. Any process engineer will tell you that you cannot make a process repeatable and controllable without recording accurately what you are doing. It is hard to match ink colors without a swatch and [...]

Hazzards of the job

I was reminded today of the potential hazzards of my choice of subject matter in these days of homeland security. I spent the day scouting around for interesting structures and taking photos that I could potentially use for raw material later. One of the photos is at left. Shortly after I took this shot I discovered that the security people [...]

Packed and Ready

Getting ready for a show is a lot of work. I am a part of a three person show at the Finer Things Gallery in Nashville starting this weekend. Four of my large woodcuts were selected, so after framing, they needed to be crated up so that they could make the trip safely. I really don't want to think about [...]

Making a Save

One of the thinks that I love about prints is the malleability of the medium. When you are working on an image, you can change it in so many ways... you can add or remove plates, you can rework plates (some processes adapt to this more readily than others), you can change colors, you can change print order, etc. Each [...]

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