About Dean Russell Thompson

Dean Russell Thompson is an Artist and Printmaker working in Loveland, CO.

After the Flood

In September of 2013 there was a 100 year rain event along the front range of Colorado.  Many areas received more than a year's worth of precipitation in a couple of days.  Many rivers and creeks flooded severely and property damage was extensive.  The Big Thompson River rose rapidly and cut the city of Loveland, Colorado in two for days [...]

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Patterns of Work

One of the challenges I face as an artist (and I suspect I am not alone in this) is producing new work on a consistent basis.  I do, but no matter how much, I know I should be producing more.  There are so many things that get in the way: paperwork, marketing, framing, cleaning (not enough of this), etc.  Still, [...]

On Being Methodical

I am not, by nature, a very organized person.  One look at my desk would prove it. Nevertheless, organization is important for a printmaker, if you want to produce consistent editions.  So, sometimes I need to force myself to be meticulous about the way I go about something, just to ensure that I stay organized. I was thinking about this [...]

After the Printing is Done

The last impression of the last color has been completed. What next? Well, obviously, you let the ink dry. Depending on the ink and the number of layers this can take a couple of days or a week or more. Then, you begin the process of curation. Curation is the process of organizing all of the artifacts from the printing [...]

The Press at the Press (Part 2)

There are two presses in my studio. I talked previously about my etching press, which is the larger of the two. The other press is a Lithographic ('litho') press.  It is a Takach-Garfield press with a 34" x 60" bed.  At first glance, it would seem to be very similar to the etching press, but a closer look will show [...]

Variable Editions

Normally, when you are printing an edition, you are striving to make each print in the edition as close to identical as possible. Not always though. I am not talking about monotypes or monoprints here.  A monotype is created from a completely blank plate by drawing / painting with ink and making one or more impressions on a sheet of [...]

The Long and the Short of it

In my last post, I mentioned briefly a couple of characteristics of printing ink.  I thought I would take a little bit and elaborate on them, as well as on a couple of the materials that can be used to adjust those characteristics. I should mention here that I basically use two types of ink in my studio:  Etching ink [...]

Rollers and Brayers and Ink (Oh My!)

  Ink is not paint.  Yes, they both have pigment, and in many cases, they both have a linseed oil base (or a modified linseed oil base) but the similarities stop there.  Their working characteristics are wildly different.  A while back  I posted a link to a video about the making of ink (printers ink) that is very similar to [...]

A Grand Vision in Detroit

This last spring I had an opportunity to visit the Detroit Institute of the Arts Museum.  While there, I encountered 'in the flesh' as it were, the Rivera Court, which is home to Diego Rivera's Detroit Industry fresco cycle.  It consists of 27 panels, painted over an 11 month period between April of 1932 and March of 1933.  The subject of [...]

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