A while back I discussed the notion of revisiting an idea.  Today I completed printing an edition where I did just that.  Here is the original:

Moffett, Eastbound
Color Woodcut
40″ x 54″
Image Copyright 2007, Dean Russell Thompson
All Rights Reserved

This is a pretty successful print.  I have been able to show it several times and, due in part to its size, I get a lot of comments on it.  So why revisit it, especially with a similar treatment?

I have always intended to come back to this and try some different color treatments.  One of the drawbacks of the original, however, is the same thing that makes it so imposing… its sheer size.  Face it, there are not all that many people who have a wall space big enough for an image of that size.  So in reworking it, I reduced the size significantly.  The result is still a good sized print, but one that is a little more accessible.  In the four years since I produced the original, I have evolved in my understanding of cutting and printing woodcuts.  There have always been a couple of technical things that bugged me about the original plates, and in reworking them I have had the chance to address them.

The new print retains many of the essential components of the original image.  The general composition of the image remains the same (although the image is mirrored) and the two color scheme is retained as well.  The marks, however, are quite different, due in part to the difference in scale, as well as the evolution of my technique.

All in all, this has been a worth while exercise.  I may print from the new plates again if an appropriate idea strikes me and then again, I may not.  Time will tell.

Tunnel Approach
Color Woodcut
17 1/2″ x 23 1/2″
Image Copyright 2011, Dean Russell Thompson
All Rights Reserved