I recently completed a new woodcut. It has four plates which are cut in a pseudo-reduction fashion. Three of the plates are 1/2″ MDF and the fourth is 1/2″ CDX Plywood. The MDF is sealed with shellac and a thin coat of acrylic gesso. The plywood plate is sealed with shellac only. All plates receive an additional seal coat after cutting.

The inks are oil based litho inks from Daniel Smith, Handshy and Graphic Chemical. A small amount of Cobalt drier was used. There was roughly 24 hours dry time between colors. The proofs are printed on Rives BFK (280 gsm) with a second sheet of BFK used as an impression sheet. Pin registration was used.

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Color Woodcut – 2010
6 3/4″ x 8 1/4″
copyright 2010, Dean Russell Thompson
All Rights Reserved