I have just completed editioning a new 4 plate woodcut.

The image is derived from a fire escape on a building in central Denver. Nothing particularly unusual, but, like many things it caught my eye.

Each of the plates is 1/2″ MDF. The plate is primed with a layer of cut shellac, then a thin layer of acrylic gesso. There are some faint brush marks left in the gesso. After cutting, I seal the whole surface with an additional coat of shellac.

The print is cut as a pseudo-reduction print. That is, although there are four physically separate plates, the imagery on each is mostly a reduction of the previous layer. This gives me some of the look of a reduction print, but I have more flexibility to depart from strict reduction. I can also do a trial proof in advance of the edition, something not possible on a strict reduction print.

It is printed on Rives BFK, 22×30 using the punch registration system discussed in the previous post. The inks are various combinations of Yellow Ochre (Graphic Chemical), Indanthrone Blue (Daniel Smith), Burgundy Red (Handshy), Opaque White (Graphic Chemical) and Crayon Black (Daniel Smith). A little Cobalt drier was added to the ink so that printing could occur on consecutive days.

East 18th
Color Woodcut
22 1/2″ x 11 5/8″
Edition of 10
Copyright 2010, Dean Russell Thompson
All Rights Reserved