I had one of those days today. The kind of day where nothing goes right. I was pulling a trial proof of a new intaglio print. Four plates, etched in a variety of ways. My color choices stunk, the ink layers were not trapping properly, I may have to do a major rework on one or more of the plates… Sigh…

It is about this point that that little naysayer pops up on my shoulder and questions why I EVER thought I could be an artist. What was I thinking!?

I guess this is a symptom, however, of being willing to take a risk. I am pushing my processes here into unfamiliar territory and the result is occasionally a disaster. It certainly was today. On the whole, when I am thinking clearly, I would rather have one of those days once in a while than play it safe all the time. I could repeat myself, making variations on images I have made before, using colors I have used before, and processes that I have down pat. But all in all that sounds pretty boring. I am pretty sure the result would not be good art. I think you have to strike out, make the bold mark, try something new. The medium will fight back and you are guaranteed a surprise or two. But sometimes in fixing that disaster you discover something interesting.

I will be back at it tomorrow.