I have been trying to concentrate on improving my productivity in the studio of late. Part of the problem is that there are so many other things that demand my attention. Work on the studio itself, business related issues, submissions, Jack the studio dog… It is hard not to succumb to the ‘tyranny of the urgent’.

Jack the studio dog hard at work

I want to produce more work, but I also want to make sure that the quality of the work does not suffer (artistically or technically). I am taking a couple of different steps to help achieve this.

    • Produce more smaller work
      While I love the big prints that have become something of a signature for me, they take a long time to produce the plates and to print. There is also the fact that not everyone has the wall space for some of these. Smaller works go faster, are more accessible for most peoples houses and the allow me to quickly examine an image that I may want to go larger with later.


  • Push things to completion
    I have a tendency to dawdle once I have the basics of an image in place and have pulled the trial proofs. I am trying to force myself to push on and complete the edition as soon a possible, rather than letting it linger.



  • Get more things going at once
    This has been the big one. I have always had a couple of works in progress at one time, but I have been really pushing myself to up the numbers. For example, I currently have three images actively in process right now (A woodcut ready to be editioned, an engraving and an etching). I also have at least 4 more images in various stages of preparation, a couple of which are ready to go.


Only time will tell whether this strategy will pay dividends. But I need to keep at it. For me it is the mark of being a professional.