I was back in the studio today after a short break for travel to the San Francisco Bay area (where, by the way, I visited the Crown Point Press gallery). Just before I left I completed a couple of editions, so today was the start of something new.

In many ways, days like today are very energizing. I spent some time looking through images (which I had reviewed mentally while traveling) and pulled a couple forward for new work. This is the point where I am experimenting with composition and thinking about process. As I have discussed in the past, I try to drive my process decisions based on the kinds of marks I want to make. In thinking about these things, I am also deciding about the scale of the print-to-be and starting to give some consideration to color choices.

Most days I am multi-tasking to some degree and today was no exception. I started to make some serious progress on a new lithograph, but lithography is a process where you work and wait, work and wait. I got the first of two stones etched, rolled up and second etched. I also grained the second stone and got the basics of the image down. Interspersed with all that was computer work on images. I don’t know how many I am going to start yet… time will tell.