I enjoy talking to people about my work and hearing their reactions to it. Most people will respond that they like the color choices. Or they like the shapes. Or that they have seen something just like the structure in the print. Most of the time, unless you are playing the ‘fly on the wall’ at a showing, you won’t hear that they don’t like it. It is not that everyone likes my work, they just are too polite to say it to my face.

Every now an then I will have someone provide an ‘explanation’ of my work that seems, to me, to come from left field. They see my work as a celebration of industry (I don’t see it that way) or the choice of colors in a particular print having a deep meaning (that isn’t my intent), or they describe my work as hyper-realistic (I think of it as an abstraction).

While I am sometimes puzzled by these reactions, I take them as a positive sign. It says to me that there is something in the work that ‘speaks’ to people. Something stirs in themselves and they go looking for a reason. It makes them think. Those are the pieces that people stop and look at rather than just walking by.

That makes me happy. I take it as a sign of a job well done.