I was reminded today of the potential hazzards of my choice of subject matter in these days of homeland security. I spent the day scouting around for interesting structures and taking photos that I could potentially use for raw material later.

One of the photos is at left. Shortly after I took this shot I discovered that the security people at the facility in question had noticed me and came over to object. I was informed that this wasn’t allowed and that they would have to confiscate the film. (This would have proved to be problematic as this was a digital camera). I stayed nice and cooperative and shortly the person’s supervisor appeared. I shook his hand and introduced myself and then I handed him my business card and a postcard for my upcoming show (that has an image of one of my pieces on it). I explained that I was an artist looking for source material. This seemed to satisfy him and he told me to make sure that I stayed on public property away from the fence and there would not be a problem. I thanked him and went on my way.

Everyone stayed polite and friendly and this worked out alright. I am mindful, however, that things could have turned out differently. Lessons learned? I will always make sure that I have a business card and a sample of my work with me. It is clearly important to stay polite and friendly. And cooperative. If they had asked me to delete the pictures I would have.