Part of being an artist is being a businessman (or businesswoman). Part of being a businessman is effective marketing. Part of effective marketing is being on the lookout for new places to sell your work. I have been spending a lot of time thinking about that lately and have decided it is time to stretch my wings a little bit. I have made my first submission to a ‘public art’ opportunity.

As a printmaker, public art is not the first place I would think to look. The tendency is to think of that as the bronze in the plaza, or the kinetic sculpture in the lobby, or the mural on the side of the building. Many of these calls are for just those kind of things. But lurking there are the meeting rooms, building lobbies, library staircases and other places where a print may be perfectly appropriate. So I am leaping into this particular pool with a proposal that pairs monoprints and editioned works.

Perhaps I will be successful. Perhaps not. But you have to keep stretching.