I am taking a couple of days off from the studio for some travel. I am going to Santa Fe and Scottsdale to look at galleries. Only time will tell if it is a productive trip from a business perspective. It certainly should be from a ‘creative juices’ one. As always when I travel by car, I will have my camera with me. You never know when something will catch your eye.

On a somewhat different note, I had an echo of a former life a couple of days ago. I was notified that I had been granted my 5th U.S. patent. Now to show you how the wheels of progress grind, the application was written and submitted more than 5 years ago while I was still working as a research engineer. In case anyone is interested, the title of the patent is “Methods and devices for identifying related ions from chromatographic mass spectral datasets containing overlapping components”.

Life as an artist is much more interesting.